Security Folding Gate

Need physical security barrier for your storefront? At Emart Factory Corp. we will provide you with free consultation and free onsite quotation. We keep plenty of stock and also provide different color options and sizes. There are plenty of different applications and we could accommodate almost any window or door sizes. Our gates also passes the fire code.

Remedy RX12

Storefront Security

We provide storefront security for storefront window and door. With Emart’s esthetic security folding gate, you can compress the gate as small as 6″ and swing it away so that it does not intrude on the outward appearance of your business. Lock it up, when you close. Not only does it deter pilferage physically but mentally as well.

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Security Partition

Need to block off an area? With Emart’s Security Folding Gate, we could block off almost any area. We also have a mobile option which allows you to role the gates away out of site to give you that clean look. Security Partition is a good way to keep people away, it is also more ideal.

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Security Cage/ Cigarette Cage

We’ve been in the market for over 10 years, and one of the most popular security application is our security cage/cigarette cage. We’ve been building cages for many convenience store, warehouses, community center, schools, and retailers who need protection or even security storage space.

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Other Security Products

We do not only do Security Folding Gates, but we do a wide variety of security products as well. We are also well connected to the security network in Toronto, so we could provide you solutions, or referrals to almost all your security needs. Below are some of the products in which we’ve done in the past. We also partner with companies in the security businesses who specialize in some of these products as well.


Fixed Window Bars

Fixed window bars is another security barrier alternative to deter pilferage from breaking into your store. It gives a strong security presence yet keeps the esthetic look of your business as well. We have a wide range of different sizes and keep stock of white, black and brown.


Hinged Window Bars/ Basement Window Bars

These window bars are created from Emart and are mainly used for smaller windows. It could cover windows anywhere from 12″-36″ tall and anywhere from 16″-78″ wide. It is mainly used for the windows above the retail door, and we have many customers using it for their basement windows as well. With these Hinged Bars, it is easy to lock and remove.

Security Window Film

Secure your business or home with Security Window Film. Security window films is similar to a car tint. Upon impact (by fist, hammer, bat, crow-bar etc..) it cracks but does not shatter. It slows and deters thieves from breaking in without effecting the visual of the business.



Sliding Grille

Sliding Grilles, are customizable to any height or length in which it’s required. We have a variety of styles. These high quality grilles are esthetically pleasing and could be tucked away.


Rolling Shutters

Need security for service counters, concession stands, or merchandise warehouses? We could supply you with rolling shutters that would completely roll away from your site.

Storm Door

Storm doors are ideal from residential front doors. These storm doors are a solid form of security and ideal for homes.

Manufacture Products With Emart

Emart Factory Corp. is ideal for businesses who are looking to outsource their product line to China. By outsourcing certain product lines we guarantee best price and quality. We are able to make custom products as well for entrepreneurs, or small business owners. We can provide the drawings and sample before you place your order. At Emart Factory Corp. we have shipments arriving every 2 months as well, minimum orders are much lower than other suppliers. For more information please contact: or